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Forex Analytics News

Published on:

EUR/USD Technical Analysis & Daily Chart

Today we would take a look at the EUR/USD currency pair. Despite a drop in the dollar two weeks ago, recently the American currency strengthened again and pushed the pair towards bearishness.

The outlook for the European single currency remains somewhat mixed. Inflation targets still...

Published on:

CAD/JPY: Fundamental Review & Forecast

The rates continue in the frames of the uptrend and have become more stable. Interest in the Japanese yen decreases as investors' interest in risky assets is growing. But the main factor in the weakening of the yen is an extremely soft monetary policy, which the Central Bank of Japan is not...

Published on:

USD/JPY Technical Overview & Daily Chart

Today we would take a look at the USD/JPY currency pair. The dollar has prevailed over the yen and has been gradually pushing the price upwards.

The American dollar, despite a slight weakness last week, right now is solidifying its positions. Economic reports continue to support the USD....

Published on:

NZD/USD: Fundamental Review & Forecast

The rates continue within a downward trend under the influence of the trade war between the US and China, as well as due to the unconvincing situation in the economy of New Zealand. In addition, the situation is worsened by the resonance between The Federal Reserve's hawkish monetary policy and...

Published on:

USD/CAD Technical Analysis

After updating the lows, we see that the pair found support at the mark of 1.2890 and headed up from there. The pair demonstrates strong growth and does not linger at the previously formed resistance levels.


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