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Forex Analytics News

Published on:

British Struggles

Despite the unexpected strength of economic growth in Europe, the struggles of the United Kingdom continue. After the devastating losses incurred immediately before and after the Brexit referendum vote last summer and the disastrous elections results earlier this year, Britain and its currency...

Published on:

USD/SEK: Review & Forecast

The rates of the USD/SEK continue in the frames of a downward trend. In June it became more and more rapid but since the beginning of August the rates consolidated in the range 8.056-8.121 SEK. This situation is a reflection of the common tendency of the weakening of the dollar, especially...

Published on:

EUR/USD Technical Analysis & Daily Chart

For our analysis today we would look at the trader favorite EUR/USD currency pair.

If we look carefully into the chart, we would notice that the EUR/USD has been exhibiting a wedge pattern with an upward slope. The general trend is bullish in the long term. At this point we can predict...

Published on:

Boeing: Close to Perfect

We've already mentioned to you the fact that the CFD market is a great opportunity to make a profit easily by riding on the wave of the success of leading companies. Nowadays they are free of significant risks of failure on the market, and definitely provide good investment opportunities. Last...

Published on:

CL/WTI: Short Review & Middle Term Forecast

Between May and the end of June the market was depressed. Oil fell in price from $51 to $42. It seemed that the falling of oil prices is unstoppable. The oversupply of crude oil, the increase of oil extraction volumes even amid OPEC countries and the growth of oil reserves in the United States...

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