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Forex Analytics News

Published on:

XAU/USD (GOLD): Short Review & Forecast

Gold was again under the pressure of the dollar, but the rates still continue in the frames of the upward trend that formed last year. A week ago the Gold reached the highest price level this year amid a weakening of the USD because of the failure of Trump's healthcare reform, as well as the...

Published on:

EUR/AUD: Short Review & Forecast

The rates of the EUR/AUD are in the frames of a new upward trend which was formed a month ago. The Euro strengthened against the U.S. dollar and many other currencies, including the Australian dollar (AUD). During the last few weeks we have not received any important information that would...

Published on:

EUR/JPY Technical Outlook & No Bears on the Market

In our recent report about the EUR/JPY on March 14 we recommended selling the pair around 122.50 when it was trading near the downside trend line. We saw the pair has declined by more than 300 pips and achieved our targets, so today we’ll have a look at the same pair again because it may...

Published on:

GBP/JPY Technical Outlook & Daily Chart

For more than two months the GBP/JPY has had a very low liquidity which led the pair to trade within little pips - nearly 650 pips for more than 45 trading days, which is not normal for this crazy currency pair.

The pair has been trading in a correction wave inside the price channel...

Published on:

CAD/JPY: Fundamental Review & Forecast

The CAD/JPY rates continue to be in the frames of the downtrend. The Japanese yen has strengthened against the Canadian dollar since the end of last year, but this month after oil prices fell for several days from 54 to 47 dollars a barrel, the Canadian dollar fell in price against all...

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