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Forex Analytics News

Published on:

USD/JPY Technical Overview & Daily Chart

Today we would take another look at the USD/JPY currency pair. Towards the end of November it began to decline due to the political struggles around tax reform in the United States which weakened the dollar somewhat against other currencies. This week the pair is back to an upwards movement,...

Published on:

GBP/USD Technical Analysis

Right now we expect a number of macroeconomic indicators. Today data on the growth of the GDP of the United States for the third quarter will be published, as well as the index of production activity from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. In the United...

Published on:

USD/SEK: Review & Short-term Forecast

The upward trend continues but it is losing its intensity. This week both currencies were supported. However, the US dollar retreated despite positive data in the building sector and despite a decrease of the U.S trade deficit to the lowest in three years. Investors still doubt the success of...

Published on:

EUR/USD Technical Analysis & Daily Chart

Today we would examine the EUR/USD pair once more. This trading instrument has had its ups and downs lately, with lots of news from both the United States and the European Union affecting the pair.

In terms of the euro, last week we heard from the European Central Bank regarding their...

Published on:

EUR/CHF Technical Analysis

Since yesterday the euro began to regain its positions in relation to the dollar, which comes against the backdrop of a lack of significant macroeconomic data. Therefore, yesterday the euro index began to climb up and today has reached the mark of...

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