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Forex Analytics News

Published on:

GBP/USD Technical Overview & Daily Chart

Today we would take a look at the GBP/USD currency pair, an instrument where we’ve seen quite a lot of commotion recently.

The Bank of England was forced to increase interest rates in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the month, due to the fact that inflation is above 3% and...

Published on:

EUR/USD Technical Analysis

Today a number of macroeconomic indicators are going to be released, as well as a number of statements from heads and members of the central banks of Europe and the United States. Therefore, there will be an increased volatility for this pair, as well as almost...

Published on:

Oil Moving Towards Balance

A lot has been going on with the commodity markets lately, so we decided that this week it’s high time we revisited one of the key topics on the financial markets – crude oil.

Objectively speaking, it is still too early to talk about the end of the oil glut that has been...

Published on:

XAU/USD: Fundamental Review & Forecast

Since September the GOLD rates have been in the frames of a downtrend. A month later, the trend has lost its intensity and now it looks more like a flat trend. The support line since October has been completely shifted and has become horizontal, but the line of resistance is still reminiscent of...

Published on:

EUR/CHF Technical Analysis

Today we expect speeches by members of the ECB Constancio and Lautenschlaeger which may increase the volatility of this pair. If we take a closer look at the EUR/CHF, we can observe the descending highs and the general direction of the price movement down. Despite...

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