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Forex Analytics News

Published on:

GOLD (XAU/USD): Review & Forecast

The rates continue within the downward trend. Recently gold has been influenced by many negative factors: a trade war, a strong dollar, and even a crisis with the Turkish lira, which has motivated investors to invest in a strong dollar and the Japanese yen. These two currencies are considered by...

Published on:

USD/JPY Technical Overview & Daily Chart

Today we would take a look at the USD/JPY currency pair. After a minor decline over the past couple of days, the pair turned to growth yesterday again.

In terms of the American dollar, not much has changed. Economic reports continue to show strength, and the Federal Reserve is committed...

Published on:

EUR/USD Technical Analysis

Our pair has moved away from the lows and has already worked out an inverted head and shoulders pattern. The level of 1.1715 has not been overcome yet.

The situation in Turkey is also exerting pressure on the euro...

Published on:

NZD/JPY: Fundamental Review & Forecast

The Japanese yen was in a favorable position against most currencies because it is least exposed to the risks associated with the trade war between China and the United States. The New Zealand dollar, by contrast, is one of the most vulnerable commodity currencies and the situation is...

Published on:

GBP/USD Technical Analysis

After last weekend in the United Kingdom the pair is now headed up, breaking the 1.29 mark. At the moment it is above this level. Right now we do not expect the release of any macroeconomic indicators from the UK.


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