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Forex Analytics News

Published on:

USD/CHF Review

Over the past seven trading days the USD/CHF pair has been moving sideways after the formation of a peak at 1.0340. The price approached the resistance level 1.0340 for a third time but was never able to overcome it. Last time the price was in the area of the mark 1.0340 was in November 2015...

Published on:

XAU/USD: Short Review & Forecast

Last month the downward trend of the Gold chart intensified strongly. The strengthening of the dollar has brought down the price for Gold. The strong dollar became the most attractive tool for investors. The demand for metals didn't increase significantly, so the rates went on decreasing until...

Published on:

Banks Settle Deals with US Department of Justice

After a few eventful weeks, it seems that 2016 is on its way out much more calmly than expected as there was barely any excitement on the financial markets over the past 5 days. In fact, some of the bigger conflicts of this year seem to finally have been resolved – both Deutsche Bank and...

Published on:

EUR/USD Review

This week the EUR/USD currency pair has suspended its decline and has formed a minimum at the level of 1.0350, thereby updating the minimum of the price for the last 13 years. The price broke down a very important support level at 1.0550 for which all buyers had hoped so deeply. The price passed...

Published on:

The Fed Raises Interest Rates

This past Wednesday, December 14, the Federal Reserve stepped forward with a decision to increase interest rates in the United States from 0.25 to 0.50 with a promise of further increases in 2017. This was a long-awaited development that professionals in the financial market were expecting for...

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