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Forex Analytics News

Published on:

NZD/USD: Review & Forecast

The rapid downward trend was completed in late November. The NZD was under pressure because of the political situation in New Zealand and the RBNZ's monetary policy. The minimum has been reached but now the NZD has found incentives to counter the U.S. dollar.

Amid the lack of economic...

Published on:

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis & Daily Chart

Today we would take a look at the EUR/GBP currency pair. After forming two tops previously in the fall of 2017, and then declining in the beginning of December on news that Brexit negotiations will move forward, now the price is gradually making its way up again.

A quick look at the...

Published on:

EUR/USD Technical Analysis

Today after the celebration of Christmas and in preparation for New Year's Eve, our pair entered the price corridor. Markets are almost completely inactive during Christmas vacations and the volatility in the markets has...

Published on:

2017: The Year of Bitcoin

As we are only a week away from the new year, it is a good time to reflect on what went on with the global markets this year. Without a doubt the most fascinating instrument to watch in 2017 was the world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin entered into 2017 at the...

Published on:

USD/JPY Technical Overview & Daily Chart

Today we would take another look at the USD/JPY currency pair. Towards the end of November it began to decline due to the political struggles around tax reform in the United States which weakened the dollar somewhat against other currencies. This week the pair is back to an upwards movement,...

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