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EUR/СHF Technical Analysis & Daily Chart

Published on: 05/01/2017

General Analysis

During the past two weeks the EUR/CHF currency pair has continued to move sideways and formed a maximum December 30th – 1.0760. However, the past trading week closed with a couple of black candlesticks with big bodies, contrary to growth opportunities.

The first trading days of the current week were held under the auspices of the bulls and now we can see a return to growth.

The price has not been able to go below the support at 1.0690 by forming a rebound from this level.
A few weeks ago the price already successfully beat off from the support level 1.0690. After obtaining several signals from other tools and indicators we can confidently expect the beginning of growth.

The Next Few Days

The EUR/CHF currency pair has already been moving sideways for a long time and at the moment we have a lot of reasons to expect the test of the upper boundary of the channel at 1.0790. However, given the resistance level at 1.0750 there is the probability of forming a peak and further decreases to the bottom of the support at 1.0690.

After overcoming the local maximum at 1.0750 we can consider opening long deals with targert points by 1.0790.


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