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Forex Analytics News

Published on:

USD/CAD Technical Analysis

This week we do not expect the release of any significant indicators which would be able to turn the markets around.

The US dollar is under pressure due to the possible suspension of the government's work for the...

Published on:

China in Recovery?

The economic woes of China have been something we’ve spoken about before on our blog. The country has the second-largest economy in the world and trade relations with all countries, including even the isolated North Korea. However, China’s growth slowed down over the past seven...

Published on:

Oil (CL/WTI): Review & Short-term Forecast

The rates continue in the frames of an upward trend. Oil has already been trading above $60 for a long time, testing new levels, which had not happened over the last 2-3 years. The main factor that limits the growth of oil prices is still the drilling activity in the United States and the...

Published on:

EUR/USD Technical Analysis & Daily Chart

Today we would take a look at the EUR/USD currency pair. Over the past month this pair has been moving upwards with the euro taking advantage of a weakened dollar. Though the euro retreated a bit at the start of January, now we see the pair past the 1.22 mark, its best level since the end of...

Published on:

GBP/USD Technical Analysis

Today we expect the release of data from the US on housing and the index of manufacturing activity from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia for January, which is forecasted to be less than the previous month. Given the massive sell-off of the dollar by...

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