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 Company information

 Broker's name: GetStocks

 Website: www.getstocks.com 

 Headquarted in Limassol

 Regulated by: CySEC

 E-mail Address: support@getstocks.com  

Initially established in 2013 as Stox, GetStocks is an online brokerage firm that provides online trading services in the financial markets for their clients. However, they are no ordinary broker as they do not deal in derivatives. Their services extend to the actual purchase of stocks that are listed on the major stock markets around the world. Rather than focusing on short term gains, GetStocks’ philosophy is about working with traders to help them reap the benefits of long term investments. GetStocks has also made it a point to ensure that their traders will never feel helpless or intimidated even though they are new to the concept of investing in the stock market.

Trading Platform

What is truly unique about GetStocks’ trading platform is the fact that they have taken the concept of social trading from the online forex trading arena and made it into the world’s first social trading platform for stocks. Traditionally, investing in stocks involved traders knowing what they are doing and being familiar with an often complicated and intimating trading platform. With the GetStock’s platform, all this is now in the past.

Now, anybody can access the global stock markets such as the New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange and follow in the footsteps of the more successful stocks traders. For the more experienced traders, they can get rewarded for their performance through the monthly fee which they charge their followers. In addition to making the process of trading stocks less intimidating and simpler, GetStocks has also provided mobile trading apps for traders so they can also have the option to trade the stock market on their smartphones. 

Trading Account

As for the types of trading account available at GetStocks, traders only have a choice of a single currency trading account such as a US dollar denominated account, British Pound denominated trading account or a Euro denominated account. However a prospective GetStock’s trader can only gain access to trading once he has deposited some funds.

The trading account can be funded either by bank transfer or credit cards. Once a trader has deposited his funds, he can choose to trade on his own or choose to “piggyback” on other traders by subscribing to the traders that they want to follow.

Commission and Spreads

So for the trading charges, GetStocks just charge a flat fee for each trade made. For U.S denominated account, the fee is $7.50, £9 for British pounds denominated account and 12 euros for euro denominated account. The fee is irrespective of the size of the transaction. So no matter if you purchase 10 shares or 1,000 shares, you will still pay the same amount. In short, the bigger your transaction amount the cheaper will be your overall trading cost. In addition, GetStocks also gives traders the option to pre purchase bulk trades in advance which can lets them save up to 23% (the fee can go down to £7 for British pounds denominated account) .



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