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Welcome Bonus info

The Welcome Bonus brings Real Account clients the best rewards available. Entering the markets and trading with XM enables you to earn from your trades and build your own bonus up to a maximum of $5,000.

  • Bonus is instant and automatic
  • Trade to maximize your bonus amount
  • Limited time offer
  • Executive level entry to the XM Loyalty Program

What is the Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus is designed to give you a powerful start after opening an XM Real Account. Each and every standard round turn lot traded will earn you a 10 USD value credit bonus as soon as the position is closed; giving you direct control over the size of the bonus you receive.

How to get Welcome Bonus

When you open an XM Real Account you get full access to multiple tools and resources. You will also receive credentials allowing you to log in to the XM Members Area. Every time you log in you will be greeted by a personalized home page that displays a variety of useful information, including the status of your Welcome Bonus. Specific information displayed in the Members Area includes how many lots you have left available to trade for a bonus, how many days left until the offer expires, how many days you have left in which time to redeem your bonus, and what is the equivalent credit bonus value for the lots you have traded. Conveniently, this is also where you can claim your credit bonus. You just specify how many lots (and equivalent value) you would like to be redeemed as a credit bonus and it will be automatically credited to your trading account.

Any profits generated can be withdrawn at any point in time, however, any withdrawal of funds will result in the proportional removal of your trading bonus. The examples in the table below show you how the Trading Bonus is proportionally removed from your trading account when you make a withdrawal.



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