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Verify your phone number - get €20 to start info

Get €20 bonus to start trading. Verify your telephone number and receive bonus credited to your live account.

  • Available to new accounts
  • Automatically credited to your Live Account

All new accounts are eligible to get €20 Verified Telephone Bonus.

  • Promotion is active between May 1st, 2016 and December 31st, 2017.
  • Live account must be opened and fully verified within 6 months from the date of bonus claim.
  • You can withdraw the bonus after completing (open and close) 2.5 lots of trades on your live account within 3 months from the date of bonus claim.
  • You can receive only one Verified Telephone Bonus per account.
  • Loss can occur on credited bonus.
  • If you top up the account, losses are first covered with your deposit, in the end from the bonus.
  • If you lose your bonus and top up your account, the bonus is not refunded (e.g. Account is credited with €20. You open a trade and lose €10. Balance is €10. You top up with €100. Your balance is €110. After 2.5 lots of trade you can withdraw remaining €10 from bonus).
  • Promotion works only on TMS Trader Web Platform.

1. Open demo account

2. Participate in bonus program by choosing the bonus from Bonuses list on TMS Trader Web platform.

3. Enter your mobile telephone number. SMS message will be sent.

4. Enter the SMS verification code.

5. Pop up message will be displayed that your Live account was credited with €20.

6. Open Live account

7. Deposit funds to verify your Live account and be able to trade real money.

8. Start trading

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