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Micro Cent Account info

We at SuperForex know that Forex trading may seem quite intimidating to the beginner trader - the financial markets may appear too whimsical and unpredictable, and high-risk trades might discourage you from trading. That's why we developed our special Micro Cent Account - the perfect solution for precautious traders.

The Micro Cent Account is designed with small investments in mind, which is why you won't need to make big deposits or worry about maintaining high equity at all times. This would give you a chance to grow into an experienced, confident trader and would allow you to seize profitable opportunities even when you trade in small volumes.

You can replenish your Micro Cent Account with a small deposit which would be displayed in cents and would appear 100 times bigger. In this way you can trade without worrying about volume and free margins.

Here is an overview of the most important conditions of this type of account:

Accepted currency
Maximum deposit
Compatable with bonuses
Lot size
Maximum leverage
Unlimited EA trading
100USD/EUR (10000 cents)
Welcome, Energy, Hot
10 000 cents

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