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Fort Financial Services

Cent account info

Each of the FORT and FLEX real accounts gives you the choice of full currency trading standard or cents.

In the event that you go to enter the market with a minimum deposit (from 5 dollars), it will be more convenient for you to trade on an account in which your balance will be displayed in U.S. cents or EURO. So, if you refill your account with 5 dollars, you will see 500 cents (1 dollar = 100 cents). For example, by selecting the account FORT Cent USD, you will open the deal with rigidly fixed spread, and your balance, profit and loss will be displayed in U.S. cents. For these accounts we set high leverage (up to 1:1000), and because of this you can begin trading with a minimum amount of collateral: only 2 cents.

Account currency
Price Accuracy (Decimal digits)
Web Trader
Minimum deposit
Margin call / Stop Out
Bonus on Deposit
USD Cents
5 digits
(from 0.3 point)
Market Execution
from 0.3 seconds
Forex - No; CFDs from 10$
30% / 10%

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